Self Care

What does the term Self Care stand for?

Self Care wants to remind us to take good care of ourselves, because it has been known for a long time: Only those who take good care of themselves can take good care of others!

This is not about selfishly minding our own business, but about being good stewards of our resources. I.e., we may allow ourselves breaks, do something good for ourselves now and then, and be careful not to overextend ourselves.

From then until today

Self-care”, i.e. taking care of oneself, was already an issue in ancient times philosophical considerations. And already the ancient philosophers recommended methods that would serve self(care), such as physical training, philosophical reflection, meditation, Reading, the critical engagement with one’s own truths. The latter would be called ‘mindset work’ today.

Thus, even today, the term self-care encompasses a wide range of recommendations and methods ranging from physical care to the training of health-promoting mental techniques and emotion regulation.

Self Care includes:

Think positive
Paying attention to your own limits
Stress Management

Ways to more self-care

Self Care is nowadays an integral part of many formats that promote health or even personal development. It is always about a better way of dealing with oneself and building or maintaining personal resources. This can be trained in the context of coaching, training on mindfulness and emotional intelligence, or advanced training aimed at work-life balance, stress management or resilience.

What is Self Care?

In this clip, I give an introduction to self-care!
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