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Prof. Dr. Gundula Gwenn Hiller

Als Professorin blicke ich auf wertvolle Erfahrung in Lehre & Forschung an über 20 Hochschulen & Universitäten im In- & Ausland zurück. Ich stehe für Expertise in Beratung, Diversity, Interkulturelle Kommunikation und emotionale Intelligenz, kurz: Zukunftskompetenzen.

I am not only interested in training the intellect, but also in training emotional competencies.

With my work I want to empower people to master the challenges of our time for themselves and others.

The author

Open up new horizons

My philosophy is to share knowledge! That’s why I like to write a lot, based on science, but mostly for practical use.

My treasure chest contains a a lot of material that I publish in various forms: research findings, but also manuals and case collections from the fields of intercultural communication and diversity, self-care and emotional intelligence. Aspects that make our society ready for the future!

Diversity and interculturality

Diversity simultaneously brings many opportunities, but also challenges. I convey that a diversity-friendly society offers big resources.


Emotional intelligence connects intellect and heart Increase Job satisfaction, success and personal well-being through Development of your EQ!


In a world full of stress and uncertainty, Self Care is more important than ever! The point is to take good care of one self, because that brings Health, satisfaction and happiness!

Keynotes & Trainings

for a changing world

My mission: inspire people to reflect and challenge their assumptions, to change their perspective, to think outside the box, to be mindful and benevolent.

Because the crises and challenges of the future can only be mastered through a change in thinking and new competencies!

With keynotes & trainings in which I explain complex topics with academic and scientific foundation and at the same time
with ease in an entertaining manner!

Vivid, entertaining & easy to understand!

"The intelligence of the mind is nothing without the intelligence of the heart."

Romain Rolland


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