About me

Prof. Dr. G. Gwenn Hiller

Professor of Counseling Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences of the Federal Employment Agency in Mannheim. Expert in Consulting, Communication, Diversity, & Future Competencies 

"I am fascinated by the diversity of human expressions & perspectives! With my work I would like to contribute to mastering accompanying challenges for oneself and others."

G. Gwenn Hiller

My Stations in Life:

■ Since 2019, professor of counseling sciences with a focus on intercultural competence and migration at
of the University of the Federal Employment Agency, Mannheim

2015-2017 Lectureship as DAAD Lektor at the German Studies Department of Aix-Marseille Université.

2008-2018 Scientific Director of the Center for Intercultural Learning at the European University Viadrina.

2011-2012 Substitute of an assistant professor for Language Use and Applied Linguistics, Management. MA Intercultural Communication Studies & MA Media, Communication, Culture (European University Viadrina)


2010 Visiting Lecturer at the Center for European Studies, University of Texas, Austin, USA.

■ 2007 Doctorate (Dr. phil.) in Cultural Studies at the European University Frankfurt (Oder)

■ 2006 Course of studies „Cross Cultural Consultant“, Central European School of Management Frankfurt (Oder)/Słubice

Master of Arts in Romance/Germanic Studies at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Urbino/Italy, Sorbonne, Paris

Other Qualifications & Experience

■ Self-employed trainer, lecturer, and speaker in the field of communication, intercultural competence, diversity management, future competences, mindfulness & emotional intelligence, mediation and moderation since 2004

2020 Advanced training in online facilitation at the Facilitation Academy Berlin

2018 Search Inside Yourself Teacher Training Program – Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence based Leadership, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute / Berlin-San Francisco

2004-2005 Training as a mediator at the Mediation Center Frankfurt/Oder

Since 2003, advanced training in various communicative, didactic and counseling approaches.

1993-2003 Worked in the private sector as a proofreader, editor, copywriter, foreign language correspondent, and lecturer.

Prizes, Scholarships, and Awards

2014 Fellow in the Lehren Annual Program for Leaders in Science and Academic Management, sponsored by Stifterverband, Alfred-Töpfer-Stiftung, Volkswagen-Stiftung, et al.

2010 Scholarship from the European University Viadrina for a 5-month guest lectureship at the University of Texas, Austin, USA.

2008 BMW Group Award for Intercultural Learning: Special Award for Outstanding Personal Commitment

2003-2005 PhD scholarship in the research training group Intercultural Mediation in the Border Region (Interreg) at of the European University Viadrina/Frankfurt (Oder)

Language skills:

English, French, Italian, Polish, and Basic knowledge of Spanish


I grew up in the Southwest of Germany, and have been commuting between cities and worlds for 17 years. In the meantime, I have traveled to over 50 countries and have lived in 5 of them. Among the most formative experiences were:

■ A personal conversation with the Dalai Lama in his Indian exile at the end of my studies.

■ The intensive examination of German-Polish history in the context of a year abroad.

I am grateful for the time spent abroad during my studies in Italy and France and the opportunity to serve as a lecturer at the University of Texas. With a 2-year lectureship in the South of France, I fulfilled a long-cherished dream in 2015!

My view of the world

I have always been fascinated by the diversity of human manifestations, lifeworlds, and expressions, which is why I specialize in intercultural communication. Meanwhile I am the mental agility, mindfulness and emotional intelligence are the most important foundation for intercultural competence, but also for sustainable peaceful coexistence as well as a respectful and mindful The students learn how to deal with themselves, with others and with nature.

It’s important to me to inspire people to reflect on and challenge their assumptions, the To change perspective, to look beyond one’s own nose, to be mindful and benevolent.