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Expertise & Life Joy combined in one keynote address
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My presentation style is characterized by the fact that I am able to explain complex interrelationships to a
can communicate to a non-specialist audience in an academically sound and at the same time lively, entertaining and understandable way!

My range of topics

Already 2x participation in Speaker Slam World Championships!

With my contribution to the topic ‘Change of Perspective as a Power Tool’ in July 2021, together with 78 speakers, I set a new world record at the international SpeakerSlam and received an Excellence Award!

▪ Through my contribution to the topic ‘Interdependence – the Corona Learning Opportunity’, I became the co-holder of the world record at the international SpeakerSlam on Clubhouse in March 2021.

My keynote at the Speakerslam


In this short talk, you can see me in action and learn why you should compliment more often.

Enrich your event with a rousing presentation on a significant topic that will move their audience in the long term!

Keynotes & Presentations

▪Unconscious Bias & talent management - Keynote at the New Work Conference 'Diversity,Equality, Inclusion @New Work. Managing a diverse workforce successfully inside Public Administration', European Institute of Public Administration, Brussel

▪ 'Change of Perspective as a Power Tool' - Lecture & Excellence Award at the international Hermann Scherer Speaker Slam World Record in Mastershausen

▪ 'Gendergerecht sprechen' - Keynote at the Diversity Day of the University of the Federal Employment Agency, Mannheim

▪ 'Stress Reduction through Emotional Intelligence in Critical Situations'. Online lecture in the context of the international conference: The Body, Embodiment and Bodyfulness in Intercultural Communications Conference May 2021 - LMU Munich
■ Multilingualism in administration. Online lecture within the framework of the Austrian Integration Summit Austrian Integration Summit 2020 DIGITAL" at the invitation of the "Neue Austrian Organizations (The New Ones)"
■ "I could have graded your paper if you had met the minimum criteria of an academic paper" - Diverging academic practices in the field of practice 'examinations, proof of performance and grading'. Poster- Presentation at the Annual conference of the Society for Research into Higher Education in Newport/Wales
■ Specifics of higher education counseling in an internationalized context. Lecture at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, at the invitation of the Department of Foreign Language Business Communication
■ Internationalization in Higher Education: challenges from an intercultural perspective. Concepts - data - approaches. INU-Network conference (International Network of Universities) : Intercultural learning and global engagement, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung Indonesia
■ "Translation Errors in Higher Education"; L'erreur culturelle en traduction"; Colloque international à l'Université de Valenciennes
■ "Intercultural competence - concepts, offers, experiences/How to succeed in culturally sensitive Teaching?" Symposium "teaching Internationally", BZHL Berlin
Intercultural Qualification in the Internationalized Context of Higher Education", Conference on the Internationalisierung der Curricula in den MINT-Fächern (ICM); TU Berlin
■ "Intercultural competence in an intenationalized University context"; by invitation of the Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia
■ "Intercultural Communication and Cooperation in Science." Workshop of the Human Resources Development of the Helmholtz Association, Berlin
■ "Critical Incidents" (Table ronde : médiation, conflit et innovation); Colloque international « jeunes chercheurs » , Goethe-Institut Lyon
■ "Quality enhancement of educational development through an intercultural perspective," ICED. conference (International consortium for educational development) at the University of Capetown
■ (Inter-)Cultural divergences of university teaching-learning practices; lecture in the context of the DAAD Summer University Sociocultural Diversity and the Structural Change of the University
■ "Intercultural Toolbox for the Franco-German Study Context". Fachtagung der DAAD- Lektoren, Université de Strasbourg

Trainings & Workshops


Workshops &

in 14

different countries

3 areas

University, Business & Administration

Topics & Content:

Intercultural competence

Gender & Diversity



Conflict management

Institutional Communication & Multilingualism

Communication in the migration society

Future competencies

Teaching & learning in an inter-nationalized context

certified teacher "Search inside yourself" leadership program

Emotional intelligence





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