About me

Prof. Dr. G. Gwenn Hiller

Professor for Guidance Studies at the University of Bundesagentur für Arbeit in Mannheim. Expert for guidance, communication, diversity and future competences. 

"The diversity of human forms of expression and perspectives fascinates me! With my work, I want to contribute to master the challenges coming along with this diversity for oneself and others." 

G. Gwenn Hiller

My stations in life:

■  Since 2019 Professor for Guidance Studies with focus on intercultural competence and migration at the University of Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Mannheim

2015-2017 DAAD lecturer at the Germanistic Institute of the Aix-Marseille Université

2008-2018 Scientific direction of the center for intercultural learning at the Europa Universität Viadrina

2011-2012 Representative of a Junior Professor for use of language and Applied Linguistics, direction of MA Intercultural Communication Studies & MA Media, Communication, Culture (Europa-Universität Viadrina)

2010 Guest Lecturer at the Center for European Studies, University of Texas, Austin, USA.

■ 2007 Promotion to Dr. phil. in Cultural Science at the Europa-Universität Frankfurt (Oder)

■ 2006 Course of study 'Cross Cultural Consultant', Central European School of Management Frankfurt (Oder)/Słubice

Master's degree Romanistics/Germanistics at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Urbino/Italien, Sorbonne, Paris

Further qualifications & experience

■ Since 2004 Self-employed trainer, lecturer and speaker in the areas of communication, intercultural competence, diversity management, future competences, mindfulness & emotional intelligence, mediation and moderation

2020 Further Training in Online Facilitation at the Facilitation Academy in Berlin

2018 Training: Search Inside Yourself Teacher Training Program - Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence based Leadership, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute / Berlin-San Francisco

2004-2005 Mediator training at the mediation centre Frankfurt/Oder

■ Since 2003 Further trainings in different approaches for communication, didactics and consultation

1993-2003 Work in the free economy as editor, author, texter, foreign language correspondent, lecturer.

Prizes, Scholarships and Awards:

2014 Fellow im Lehren Year Programm for Executives in Science and Academic Management, supported by Stifterverband, Alfred-Töpfer-Stiftung, Volkswagen-Stiftung among others

2010 Scholarship of the Europa-Universität Viadrina for a 5 month guest lecture at the University of Texas, Austin, USA

2008 BMW Group Award for Intercultural Learning: Special Award for Outstanding Personal Commitment

2003-2005 Promotional Scholarship in the graduate college Intercultural Mediation in the border area at the Europa-Universität Viadrina/Frankfurt (Oder)

Language skills:

English, French, Italian, Polish, Basic knowledge in Spanish

Me as a Person

I grew up in the south west of Germany and I am travelling between cities and worlds since 17 years. By now, I have travelled to more than 50 countries and lived in 5 of them. The most defining experiences have been:

■ A personal conversation with the Dalai Lama in his Indian exile at the end of my studies

■ The intense analysis of the German-Polish history during a year abroad

I am grateful for the times abroad during my studies in Italy and France and the possibility to lecture at the University of Texas. By lecturing for 2 years in Southern France, I made a big dream come true in 2015!

My view on the world

The diversity of humans, the environments they live in and how they express themselves has always fascinated me. Because of that, I specialized in Intercultural Communication. Meanwhile, my point of view is that mental agility, mindfulness and emotional intelligence are the most important base for intercultural competence. Also, these traits support a sustainable, peaceful together in society as well as a respectful and mindful behavior with oneself, others and the nature.

It is important to me, to inspire people to reflect and question their assumptions, to change their perspective, look beyond their own horizon, be mindful and benevolent.