My entertaining non-fiction book

What we can learn from other cultures

The readers learn interesting facts about their own cultural imprint and at the same time, they are invited to question their imprints critically, regarding what we as individuals and society in general can improve on. You discover, that other cultures offer valuable knowledge to master current crises and you are invited to discover new horizons and the wisdom of other cultures as resorces! Numerous tips and case studies round everything up!

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The Collaborative Release

Teach Intercultural Competence Online

Hg.: Gundula Gwenn Hiller, Ulrike Zillmer-Tantan, Reema Fattohi

The recent developments also widely catapulted Intercultural Trainings into Online Teaching.

This book addresses the questions of methodic conception and the implementation of intercultural trainings in digital format.

More than 70 authors and trainers share their knowledge in this project. On the one hand, it contains basic expertise about E-Learning in the intercultural context, on the other hand, it contains a collection of innovative digital methods, geared towards digital teaching.

My Downloads for you!

Eine Frage der Perspektive 1

Part 1 of our popular collection of case studies with 30 critical incidents from student unions & university administration as an E-Book!

Created with friendly support of the German Student Union.

Eine Frage der Perspektive 2

Part 2 of our popular case collection with 23 new critical incidents from the world of labor-market related consulting, employment placement and integration!

Created with friendly support of the University of the Federal Labour Office.

A Matter of
Perspective 1

Die beliebte Broschüre in der englischen Version! Critical Incidents from the point of view of Studentenwerke and higher education institutions: 30 case studies from Germany!

Created with friendly support of the German Student Union.

Leitfaden - Interkulturelle Kommunikation und Kompetenz

German Version The guideline for German-French courses of study presents exercises and materials.

This publication was created by the workgroup Interculturality of the German-French University.

Manuel - Communication et Compétences interculturelles

Edition française Le manuel pour les études franco-allemandes présente des exercices et du matériel.

Edité par le groupe de travail Interculturalité de l’Université franco-allemande.

Opening new horizons

As an author, I write lots of different texts: Sometimes, a topic inspires me to write a spontaneous blog article, other times I write a book or I publicize the results of my research. My 'treasure chest' contains lots of materials, which I publicize in various forms.

By the way: The numbers show, that the practical-oriented intercultural brochures ('A Matter of Perspective') would be longsellers as well as bestsellers, if they were available for sale. I still provide them as free downloads!

So far I have published:

  • 50 Publikationen in Sammelbänden
  • 15 Journals
  • 6 textbooks
  • 4 Herausgeberbände
  • 1 Monography


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