Diversity & Interkulturelle Kompetenz

We need a new, resource-oriented perspective on diversity!

I have experienced myself, how often great talent remained undiscovered through society's filters. Whether it is inside the family, at work or in society in general: In all areas, humans with different views on the world and experiences meet each other and mutual understanding isn't always easy. In addition, humans with certain characteristics or of certain origin face disadvantages in society.

That is why I think that intercultural competence and diversity is an important key qualification in all areas of life.

My understanding of diversity and intercultural competence:

For me, it means: 

▪ Recognizing diversity as a resource
▪ Create fair entrances in occupation and society
▪ Reflect own points of view critically
▪ Being conscious of the own values & expectations
▪ Being able to deal with plurality of opinions and lifestyles
▪ Differenciated, discrimination-free thinking & speaking
▪ Developing diverse perspectives

Prudence is knowing about the similarities of different things and the differences of similar things.

Madame de Staël

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