Diversity & Intercultural Competence

We need a new, resource-oriented view of diversity!

I myself have experienced how some talents have fallen through the cracks unrecognized. Whether within the family, in the work environment or in society: people with different worlds of life and experience come up against each other everywhere, and mutual understanding is not always easy for them. In addition, people are socially disadvantaged because of certain characteristics or origin.

That is why I consider diversity and intercultural competence to be a central key qualification in all areas of life

My understanding of diversity and intercultural competence:

This includes:

▪ Recognize diversity as a resource
▪ Creating fair access to work and society
▪ To critically question one’s own views
▪ Being aware of one’s own values & expectations
▪ To endure plurality in opinion and way of life
▪ Differentiated, non-discriminatory thinking & speaking
▪ Developing diverse perspectives

Prudence is knowledge of the similarity of different things and the dissimilarity of similar things.

Madame de Staël

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